Adrenaline Shots is in a Comic Competition - Please help!

2017-10-13 19:09:17 by dannyrichard

Hey Guys

Adrenaline Shots is taking part in an awesome Halloween Pin Up Art Contest to win advertising that will help get the comic better known, and YOU can help us win it!!! 

Our three characters have dressed up in honour of the legendary Flash Gordon characters Ming, Flash & Princess Aura!

All that you have to do is go to the contest page and like the image on their Facebook or Re-Tweet it on their Twitter!
The link for Facebook is
The Twitter is:
Thanks, and Happy Halloween!
All Best
Danny & Morphine

Art by the incredible

Check out my gallery for Saturday Night Seance, warning NSFW!

New Adrenaline Shots Short Story is up - Check It out!

Hi Everyone

Check out the new cover for an Adrenaline Shots Episode. Hope that you enjoy!

Take Care